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E-Notarizations (Electronic Notarization)
Electronic Notarizations ARE allowed in California IF the signer IS physically in front of the Notary Public.  California does NOT allow for "Remote" Notarizations.  A Remote Notarization is where the signer is NOT physically in front of the Notary Public.   It is becoming more and more common for the need of a document to be notarized electronically (via a electronic device).  In order to perform E-Notarizations the signer must be in front of the Notary Public. The Notary Public will physically examine the signers ID and the signer will physically sign the Notary Public Journal.   The signer will sign the document via a electronic signature pad

The Notary must have a electronic seal/stamp and signature pad which connects to the devise they are using (laptop, iPad etc) and a secure internet connection.  The document is provided by the party requesting the service

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Esigning (Electronic Signing):
The Notary Public provides the device (laptop, iPad etc) which accesses a secure internet connection to view and
   sign the documents
Only certain documents can be signed this way.  Depending on the type of signing there may also be paper
  documents that need to be signed and/or notarized.  Paper and electronic signings are referred to as Hybrid Signings
After the signer has established a secure electronic signature they are able to view and sign these documents with
  their electronic signature (Esign)
Electronic Signing